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Re: Confession

s_lush_s wrote:
These people are not taking your confession seriously.

I confess I ran over a cat the other day and I had the kids in the car and there was a state trooper behind me. and he pulled me over! I said I didn't know what to do, the kids crying in the car, and he said,"well, I think that cat belongs to the old lady that lives in this house here. Just go knock and admit what you've done."
So I knocked on the old lady's door and she answered and I told her what happened. she said , "That's okay, it was only a stray." so I gave her forty dollars and she said thank you.
Suddenly, the cop pulls out his citation book and begins to write her a ticket.
"What's that for ?" I ask.
"Selling Pussy."
Then the cat came back to life, stole the money and my car and went to PetCo and we all lived happily ever after.

:D And another happy ending, yay!
Three bedraggled cats limp into a bar. The 1st was the one killed by curiosity, the 2nd had been killed/not killed by Schrodinger and was desperate to know whether or not it was still alive (physics nerds will get it), and the 3rd had been tortured by whether or not it was enough to show how the nightmare works, and then killed by doubt. :)
That's it sorry, can't remember the punchline. Maybe they were reincarnated or sth

Apr 08, 2013, 08:26