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Which band, exactly, is the “Greatest Band Ever.”
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Re: Which band, exactly, is the “Greatest Band Ever.”

hito wrote:
The ones that surprise me are Dave Mathews, Rush and Sleater Kinney. I have never heard Dave Matthews nor have I heard anybody say they like them. I have heard of them. Rush? Are they actually that popular? Again, my knowledge is almost non-existent but I thought it was for guys who grew a moustache in 1982 and wanted something other than mainstream along with three other guys who liked light beer and knee length jackets. I actually looked up Sleater Kinney. They seem ok and even good at times. But I never met anybody who said they were their favourite band.

Rush is popular and regularly sell out on international tours. As a Canadian I get a lot of exposure to them. Their main claim to fame is a string of prog albums that they made in the 70s and early 80s that are highly rated. They are technically very proficient musicians - especially the drummer , Neal Peart.

Mar 20, 2014, 15:44


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