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Which band, exactly, is the “Greatest Band Ever.”
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Re: Which band, exactly, is the “Greatest Band Ever.”

I relate to the humour but I think matthew6 summed it up best when he said "it's not that funny - the concept is better than the execution." Those "types" of people exist everywhere (at least in the western world) I think and even if they don't, the archetype exists in our souls before we were born (like the 19th British guy with a pith helmet who went to a "public school", went to India or Africa, is married but has no interest in women, uses words like "blaggard" and "ruddy", loves the Queen etc). I don't have to have seen anybody who is actually like the Portlandia characters to know what they represent, what they allude to, what they are mocking etc. As it is, there are people who are pretty much like that in Melbourne, people who are pretty much like characters on Nathan Barley (British) or Slacker (from way back when in Austin) but also very Australian (we just don't make much that is funny in that way)

As an aside, Carrie Brownstein is one of those examples of my inability to comprehend my age. She looks way older than me (to me) but she is actually a year younger.

Mar 22, 2014, 13:09


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