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Squirrel M. Nutter
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Re: new BoC

GaryB2 wrote:
I agree with what you're saying but I think it's down to you/me/us. It's not the same because we are now 40+, essentially.

It's sad to say, but I'll never get swept up in the hype of a new band/scene again, not because there aren't good bands/scenes but because I'm too old....with a ton of boring shit (responsibilities) to occupy my mind and time first.

I agree, that's partly true. But it's not the whole story. There's no hype or scene involved (that I know of) but I'm getting really wrapped up in the Ghost Box stuff, Flying Lotus, Kraftwerk...

A lot of "indie rock" that I used to find good, I just can't listen to anymore. It served a purpose at the time, but now just seems terrible.

K Records, Merge, a lot of stuff on Matador...I came across that "What's Up, Matador?" comp while cleaning out my garage a few months ago. I put it on and could only make it through a handful of tracks.

Apr 24, 2013, 00:22


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