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Best of Stereolab
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Re: Best of Stereolab

meanchico wrote:
I like that you included Cadriopo. it's a ballsy choice. I've noticed rather extreme reactions to it from people not familiar with the Stereolab sound. it tends to rile them up.

I make a 'best of' mix every other month it seems depending on the season and mood. I only have a really lazy mix at the moment consisting of all my 5 star rated Stereolab, Monade & solo Laetitia songs.

you've given me inspiration to shave it down to 15 songs. I'm hosting a party Saturday night (my partner is turning 40!) and I feel morally obligated to work in some Stereolab.

Look forward to hearing it. I agree that the choices change a bit. Certainly on the albums from Maq to Sound dust, choices could change a bit. The noise of carpet annoys me at times but I love Mary's ba dums. When I was going through dots, I was like this one, no this one. Ditto MAQ, so many worthy entries missed out.

I think Cadriopo is definitely one of the best. It is quite different to some of their other tracks in its rhythm. Others that wouldn't change include "Young lungs", "with friends with these", "tomorrow is already here", "infinity girl"(perhaps sentimentally as I absolutely loved it when I bought Cobra), "ticker tape (see previous comment), "Seeperbold". It hard to go past the sunny, cynical beauty of "nought more terrific than man" and the silliness (surely their silliest song) of "nothing to do with me".

"crest" is the only song I love on transient and "retrograde" is the only good one on Microbe Hunters (and my only instrumental choice). Retrograde was close to being cut in favour of "La Demeure" or "need to be" but I felt an instrumental bridge was a nice touch.

"super electric" was my first stereolab song. The next I heard was ping pong and I think it was ubiquity that stopped that track getting a guernsey. I could have taken either nihilist assault group version but length made the album cut the choice.

Blue milk missed out due to length, so too refractions. I thought about putting speedy car on just to annoy people (and I do actually like it)

May 10, 2013, 14:26


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