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Best of Stereolab
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c in dc
c in dc
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Re: Best of Stereolab

Put this together pre-Chemical Chords with an emphasis on the groop's catchier tunes. Seems to flow well in the car and appeal to newbies at parties. (Fits perfectly on an 80m CDR).

Miss Modular
Ping Pong
With Friends Like These
Cybele's Reverie
Op Hop Detonation
Captain Easychord
Infinity Girl
Vonal Declosion
The Free Design
Naught More Terrific Than Man
Blips, Drips, and Strips
One Small Step
Ticker Tape of the Unconscious
...Sudden Stars
Nothing To Do With Me
Emporer Tomato Ketchup
Margerine Rock
You Used To Call Me Silence

Obviously left off pre-MAQ stuff, much of which is great also, but in a different way. And unlike many here, I actually LOVE all of Chemical Chords, and most of Not Music.

It is a real tribute to Stereolab that our lists can vary so much. It is also fascinating how we all seem to agree on their greatness, but have such different musical tastes when it comes to other bands (sometimes to the point that we can hate what others love, and vice versa).

Aug 31, 2013, 18:33


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