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Your favorite rock band/artist per decade?
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Stereo Mouse
Stereo Mouse
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Re: Your favorite rock band/artist per decade?

cyberpainter wrote:

Interesting selection. Caribou certainly was really good, he kind of lost me at Swim.

In many ways Swim made Caribou bigger and perhaps defined him as a big thing for the beginning of 2010s. And I was fortunate to catch him live on the European leg of the Swim tour. However, I did feel he had this he-could-do-no-wrong feel to him at the previous decade with a trio of albums between 2003-2007. Some of which was alas a bit lost on the Swim album. So hence I marked him as 2000s.

It was a bit like with Zappa too: in many ways he achieved more success during the 1970s and he still made some strong work on that decade, but for me, it was the work with the first Mothers of Invention in the 1960s that marked Zappa as the most remarkable rock act of the time.

May 30, 2013, 08:45


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