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Your favorite rock band/artist per decade?
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Re: Decade

hito wrote:
You like The Wall?

As for Pavement and Stereolab

Both bands didn't have a significant release until 1992 so that somewhat disqualifies them. It is a tough criteria but I was trying to think about somebody who was there from start to finish.

As for Pavement, I reckon the last couple of albums were pretty patchy. Not terrible but far from essential. So give them all albums and it's a 7 year run but for me, I only think Crooked Rain is excellent and I like the albums either side so it is probably a three year run for them.

For me, only the albums from Mars to Sound Dust are essential Stereolab releases. You can find gems in the other albums but they are far from essential. So that is a seven year run for them.

Finally, I haven't heard Waka Jawaka. I tend to get Zappa'ed out. I'll give it a go.

I can sing The Wall from start to finish. I love it!

I didn't realise your rules were so strict, so I accept that Pavement don't fit the bill. I agree with you when you say that Crooked Rain is excellent. Surely their finest album.

I'm not really sure we'll get a consensus on any band being great for a whole decade?! Bands fade over time - fact!

Ooh, I've got one - New Order in the 80s !

Jun 05, 2013, 22:43


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