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Covers that are better than the original song
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Re: Covers that are worse than the original song

I don't understand some decisions to cover songs.

Sure, if you are Wilco and want to cover Gram Parsons or Reef and want to cover the Rolling Stones or Hot Chip and you want to cover Bronski Beat, you're just saying, hey we're pretty much them but from a different era, here is a song they did, just like they did.

Alternatively, you are a crappy pop start and you record company says "do this cover, it's a good song and nobody knows it anymore" cue most cover songs e.g. Sinitta doing right back where we started from.

Then there are covers that turn it upside down like Devo covering satisfaction or the residents covering boots are made for walking

But why cover something badly then release it? I had high hopes for Sinead O'Connor covering John Grant's "Queen of Denmark". He certainly belts it out with some passion. I thought that her voice - at its peak - would be something else. But this version is flat and blah. Her voice is just not what it was. This is a case of stay away from gold unless you can produce diamonds. It was only a few years since he released it.



Jun 09, 2013, 08:43


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