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what I'm listeng to today the s_ My pretentios list liker
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Re: what I'm listeng to today the s_ My pretentios list liker

yes you are right because I need a playlist. I'm thinking of stopping this thread because I realize it's limitations. Maybe I could add these videos to my youtube account. Some of you think I'm just listening to weird sounds but I've heard some Lab and Broadcast in these songs and I hoped another would also identify the segments.
Yeah I need a playlist where you can click on the song you want to hear. I guess I'll need to return to randomly casting this music amongst threads so it can draw listeners unaware.

What I believe some of ya'll don't realize that I try to focus on electronic music pioneers and 20th and 21th century artists; that's why this has some worth. It's easy to be disinterested I become disinterested with some music really easily.

I'm not completely a shitty person. Over the years I have been a real shit. You'll be ecstatic to know I think I'm growing up. That prognosis maybe a little. I'll cross my fingers.

So NO I'm not going somewhere to have a blog. You'll just have to suffer through it just as I suffered through "Psych rock".

Jun 26, 2013, 20:58


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