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what I'm listeng to today the s_ My pretentios list liker
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Re: what I'm listeng to today the s_ My pretentios list liker

marcschaeffner wrote:
marcschaeffner wrote:
s_lush_s wrote:

you are so great! thought about buying me a copy of her 4lp work with the bbc radiophonic workshop.
there is also a release called "ohm" - early gurus of electronic music, that is totally great. (re-issued with a bonus dvd)

sorry, that i cannot listen to these pieces at the moment. i left this musical direction quite some time ago, but somehow this an re-entry point you created.

i was very much into klaus schulze and tangerine dream, you know. have you ever heard of the tangerine tree? (i have almost all of them at home and did digitalize the tree for my own means [250 GB]. (maybe a bit too proud about this). if you'd do a research you'll find a site about the tree and someone who offers these recordings for free via torrent. partly really great stuff. maybe as a good starting point i could recommend the Montreal, Place Des Arts Concert from 1977, pure magical brilliance recorded from a canadian radio station, called chom-fm.


sheer musical brilliance is the more correct expression i think!

Tangerine Tree Vol. 18 that is.

released officially as:

thanks for reading.

Jul 02, 2013, 11:43


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