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what I'm listeng to today the s_ My pretentios list liker
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Re: what I'm listeng to today the s_ My pretentios list liker

marcschaeffner wrote:
marcschaeffner wrote:
marcschaeffner wrote:
s_lush_s wrote:
So here is day one of my pretentious classical thread.

this is anotal piece and I adore it.

& I listened to elgar elwood 'Nimrod" variation from "enigma variations," that I could not embed. available on youtube.

I'M HERE segregated for those interested in "classical" music. It is right to schism and provide to only who are interested enclave for those interested finding avant garde composers.
If not I'll post all by myself. This thread of more of fascinating music.

do you know/are you a bit familiar with the work of john mcguire (feedback studio). his recordings are very very hard to find. i managed to record some at my time when i was with this studio (that is now gone, because the owner Prof. Johannes Fritsch has died). there are some re-issues on the "cybele" label from the catalogue the studio owned i know of.
trust me, you wouldn't believe your ears if you could get hold of "pulse music iii" for instance. some of the most beautiful electronic music that i've ever heard. very similar to steve reich' s "music for 18 musicians".
john mcguire was or is a composer, haven't done any new research on this.


idea: because of the rareness nature of these recordings i could share them (for you) on my nicotine/soulseek account, but i really do not want you or me to get in any troubles... .
very hard to find recordings these are, and this is not an advertisement.


oh, by the way:

nicotine/soulseek is a legal and free program as far as i know. one just has be careful what files are shared.
you've written that you own a youtube channel (which one)? there are a lot of things going on right now at youtube and other places, lots of channels breaking down, because of "copyright infringements", so be careful.
today was an article in our newspaper about NSA US-American espionage on Germany and Europe.
i had the "spotify" program installed via Wine (i'm on a linux platform) and the virus scanner always told, that the "spotify.exe" included a virus. there were people on the net which said, that this program containing this virus is "mostly harmless".
but there had been one day a few weeks back when suddenly my pc was infected. symptoms: browser didn`t work properly suddenly, thunderbird didn`t function although i was online. browser could only reach certain websites, the e-mail accounts website was blocked. this sure is a paranoid affair (black sabbath song). sorry for writing so much.


Jul 02, 2013, 15:54


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