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New Topic - The Hottest Woman Alive
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Re: New Topic - The Hottest Woman Alive

well... my list is problematic because it consists of women whose names i don't know and whom i consider 'hot' for reasons that go beyond aesthetics. i've seen them shopping (and sometimes working) at grocery stores, in crowds at concerts, walking down the sidewalk, riding on buses...

as for most celebrity women, i find the world they occupy completely unattractive; it's hard for me to even regard them as real people. and to see how the world bases its standards of beauty on such artifice saddens me.

the hottest woman alive is the one who will leave you surprised and wondering 'how can she seem so common but be so gorgeous?' (and she probably won't be wearing much make-up if any at all)

Feb 23, 2009, 21:16


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