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No mp3s for Tim's new album. Vinyl only. Opinions?
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No mp3s for Tim's new album. Vinyl only. Opinions?

Firstly, I just wanted to get it clarified that Tim’s album Cavern of Anti-Matter: Blood-Drums wouldn’t have an mp3 download to purchase in the future, so I wrote to the label. Then being unhappy with their response and not quite clear about whether there would be mp3s from another label, I wrote to pikey too.

The label wrote:
Thank you for your mail. Grautag Records is a vinyl only label. So there will not be a download version. We design the records as a kind of collection where the material actually matters too.
The records you can order directly here, from the label. It's 19€ plus 8 shipping costs. (Depending where to ship to.)
Wish you a beautiful sunday!

Then pikey wrote that it's likely to be only vinyl.

I was feeling a bit pissed off about this, but have tried to get a little perspective. Tried to look past feeling like the response from the label was a bit pretentious. And calling a first album by a new band albeit an established artist, a "collection"... Sorry in my view it doesn't rate as a collection. Perhaps she meant all the albums they sell as a group are their collection, I don't know. And I'm trying not to think of the release as having excluded me. Obviously they let everyone hear it, but I don't have the ability to purchase this music by one of my favorite artists, since I don't collect vinyl. Of course I freely admit I do download a lot of music now, but try to buy CDs or mp3s from my favorite artists, and would have been happy to this time.

After hearing an opinion from a friend, I am trying to see another side of it. That Tim has a great appreciation for the whole experience of vinyl, and wants others to experience it just that way also. He may or may not have an interest in the limited distribution aspect of it. Who knows. He may also figure it will get out there, since the full songs are streamable, and can be converted and distributed free that way anyhow. In my opinion, the streams say "this music actually matters in digital form" too, not just vinyl. I would be curious to see if he addresses this in an interview in the future.

Being vinyl doesn't make it more valuable as music. It doesn't make it sound more like it's influences. But the way the label portrays itself, perhaps the experience with vinyl makes the influences come to life a little more. Frankly I don't think Tim's music needs that, it stands up on it's own.

Sep 18, 2013, 07:26


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