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No mp3s for Tim's new album. Vinyl only. Opinions?
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jeff w
jeff w
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Re: No mp3s for Tim's new album. Vinyl only. Opinions?

cyberpainter wrote:
From what pikey just wrote, sounds to me like a conceptual project put together by the label. This wasn't really clear, because a lot of labels play up moods or themes, and advertise their music with verbiage like that.

Seemed clear enough to me, FWIW. That said, I'm not sure I'm buying completely the idea that Blood-Drums or something a lot like it isn't what we would have got from Tim anyway (eventually) if Grautag hadn't issued the invite. No doubt the Grautag concept provided some inspiration (and impetus) but I also think there's a bit of retro-fitting to the concept going on here.

cyberpainter wrote:
I'm starting to understand that a lot of musicians these days get invited to do particular music for labels, instead of the other way around.

OK, but there's a long history of Stereolab and Stereolab members contributing music on a one-off basis to record labels, art projects, fanzines, books, etc. - frequently in limited editions or inaccessible formats.

Sep 18, 2013, 19:29


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