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No mp3s for Tim's new album. Vinyl only. Opinions?
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Re: No mp3s for Tim's new album. Vinyl only. Opinions?

motoroller wrote:
Tim was not pretentious at all when I had the chance to meet him in 2008. A little quiet, which a lot of people mistake for pretentiousness or snobbery.

I would tend agree with that analysis. I have never spoken with Tim, but seen him on stage half a dozen times and watched various interview clips. He seems to come across as somewhat introverted and with a self depreciating humour, which are not traits of the pretentious.

For me a dreaded question in general chit chat with people is the inevitable "so, music is your thing....what bands do you listen to?". I usually try and keep things vague and just say "oh, you know....all kinds of stuff". Especially here abroad, where nobody I meet seems to be familiar with anything outside the mainstream. One guy when I said I was into quite obscure indie music said "oh, underground U2?". His favourite band was One Direction (honestly) :D

When asked this question I could either say "probably you would never have heard of most of them...." (* retches slightly in mouth *), or just list a few random examples (cue blank expressions). So sometimes it's almost impossible to avoid coming across as pretentious. I have found the best tactic is usually just to say "oh, you know, mostly older stuff", and if pressed for examples mention Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Bob Marley, etc....everyone loves a bit of Bob Marley after all!

I asked one colleague in work what she was listening to on her headphones and got the "oh, you would probably never have heard of them" reply....turned out it was Rage Against the Machine :) Her face was a picture when I said "Fuck you I won't do what you tell me! Oh yeah, I used to be into them....went to see them twice back in the early 90s". Evidently she thought I was an old fart just because I was wearing a shirt and tie, as she put it "a square", but suddenly I was "cool" for knowing this "obscure" and "underground" band (lol) :D

Oct 15, 2013, 12:56


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