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Cobra & Phases - song-specific thoughts
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Re: Cobra & Phases - song-specific thoughts

hito wrote:

I often skip it

4.Blips, Drips and Strips

The start is a bit shaky. The Mary parts save it. Really hits its stride at 1.36.

6.Infinity Girl

One of their best pop songs. There seems to be some sort of beautiful competition between the different singers and vocals (including Laetitia and herself). Ya bup ba ba nanana.

11.Blue Milk

The epitome of the album. An absolute masterpiece. To this day and from the day I first heard it, this is magic. It's the brown cover, the sun room, the free design, the dark night, the too bright morning, the clouds, smoking pot, chicks on LSD (how I deliberately interpreted the vocal harmony that starts at 3.40 and comes back at 4.26)

17. With Friends like these

One of their best B sides. Funny, political and poppy.

18. Les Aimes Des Mames

Sounds like something off Margarine Eclipse but better


I love Fuses, It has been my ring tone for years. Every time I listen to it I see tons of little demons in various forms dropping out from a blown curtain on stage with an absolutely black backdrop.

Blips, Drips and Strips was the first song, along with Infinity Girl, that caught my attention ( yes I downloaded them before I went for the CD. I wasn't listening the album in order). It is still very catchy in my ears but I have to say my moment for it has faded, especially when I started to realize how great Blue Milk is.

My frenzy for Infinitely Girl has never faded away since my first listen. But I am much more inclined to the ATP version than the already brilliant studio version. Perhaps because of the faster pace?

Blue Milk--I agree, it is an absolute masterpiece that I didn't like at first. Interesting how long it took for me to accept it and once I turn the page, the world isn't the same. I admit though, It requires a certain mind set for me to fully enjoy it.

With Friends Like These--one of my favorites on the whole album. Love the lyric and the tune. The two part composition executed in a way that makes me think of an answer(part2) to a question(part1).

Les Aimes Des Mames-- one of the best things about Stereolab is their ability to created that somewhat ominous, urgent, yet sensual atmosphere that has never went overboard to cliche. This is one of the best examples. I would put Percolator on that list too.

Oct 12, 2013, 10:12


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