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Cobra & Phases - song-specific thoughts
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Harold Bissonette
Harold Bissonette
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Re: Cobra & Phases - song-specific thoughts

jeff w wrote:

hito wrote:

Sounds like it should be the end of the album (and just as well could have been)

Yeah. Again the record is ending but wait...

The album ends again.

I know what you mean. This is also what I meant when I suggested listening to it in two chunks. Otherwise, you are kinda willing it to end by the time you get to Strobo. Oh wait, there's more?

Apparently we can all blame Beethoven for this.

According to my mate in the pub, the head of Sony records was asked how long a CD should as they were originally coming up with the technology and replied that it should be long enough to accomodate the whole of Beethoven's Choral Symphony. Hence all CDs that length - and nearly always TOO LONG! A lot of artists seem to think they have to fill in the whole of the available time - which made some sense with the vinyl album format, but I nearly always find a full CD much too long. In cases such as Cobra, I'd much prefer a double CD. (OK, I know I could always use the stop/skip buttons and learn to program my CD player, but it's so nice to put on a piece of music, sit back, and let it take you away).

Oct 13, 2013, 13:08


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