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Cobra & Phases - song-specific thoughts
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Re: Cobra & Phases - song-specific thoughts

it's been really interesting listening to this album after reading everyone's thoughts. I never would've thought that someday I would enjoy Blue Milk more than Op Hop Detonation!

here's a basic rundown of my thoughts on each song:

Fuses - the frenzied warning

People Do It All The Time - I think of waking up from a long sleep and children.

The Free Design - the piano bit is what I love most about this song. never thought much of it initially.

Blips Drips and Strips - claustrophobia begins. it's when the ride speeds up.

Italian Shoes Continuum - the moment when the acid you dropped takes effect. a storm. zoom in/zoom out. my head might explode, but it sure sounds pretty.

Infinity Girl - would've been nice after Blips, but that would've made too much sense. naturally, the stand-out track of the first part of the album.

Spiracles - pleasant, but not essential. sort of like a non-memorable stroll on a sunny day.

Op Hop Detonation - quite bouncy. a call-to-action. the brass swells are my favorite.

Puncture in the Radax Permutation - THE Mary moment. she sounds so strong. the latter part with the xylophones and strings is just sublime.

Velvet Water - the dreamiest Lab song ever. feels like floating in a warm, dark sea or drifting in space. I would love to hear this stripped down live performed by Laetitia only.

Blue Milk - a perfect centerpiece. lengthy, druggy and almost culty (the chanting). it's like something is being conjured. the build-up is borderline excruciating. it's a song that needs to go wild, but doesn't. it works.

Caleidoscopic Gaze - a bit of a first. then all those sounds; those goddamn sounds are building again. the vocal build-up around 5:40 is divine; moments like this are why I love this band so much.

Strobo Acceleration - a false ending. I forget this song since I'm usually so excited for the last 2 songs.

Emergency Kisses - remains at the highest tier of Stereolab's work for me. an all out love song on such an extreme album. it's a bit confusing, but I get so wonderfully lost in this song. the translation is beautiful. it swirls, it rocks, it gushes.

Come and Play in the Milky Night - calling you to the unknown beyond. it's always strange to hear male harmonizing in a Stereolab song. a brilliant end. oddly balanced for an album full of excess. it's like the last 2 tracks are the reward you get for having to endure everything that came before it. utter perfection.

Oct 15, 2013, 21:58


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