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Mini CDs
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Re: Mini CDs

It is not an easy viewing. It essentially seems to revolve around an exploration of reactions to situations. On the mild level, there are things about the "dumb" people mocking the doctor for thinking that their pregnancy was a baby when they think it is a spot. On the more severe and extreme "humour", there is the woman asking the plumber to mend her dead baby. This show is not done for belly laughs, it isn't presented as jokes in the "I say I say I say" kind of way or "Who's the boss" where the cast are delivering punchlines. There is a story where a man assures his girlfriend that he wasn't cheating on her as he was actually raping the woman he was seen with. She hugs him assured that he doesn't love this other woman. It is tough going. I watched it with some pretty hardened friends but they found it pretty gloomy and unpleasant. The laughter was genuine nervous reaction

Feb 28, 2014, 10:28


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