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Mini CDs
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Re: Mini CDs

hito wrote:
I think Big Train or Armando or many of the other Chris Morris projects did the whole perception thing in a "fun"nier way. On one level, you can't deny the cleverness of Jam; it is not frat boys laughing whilst kicking homeless people but on the other hand, it is undeniably cruel and deeply disturbing.

Indeed it's extremely disturbing, I believe that was the whole intention. The late night "remix" version "Jaaaaam" was extra disorientating, due to the more random editing and odd visual effects. At it's best I found parts of it as powerful and haunting as a deep and dark movie such as "Persona" or something of that nature can be. It was like pitch black satire on contemporary society, and thus quite saddening and a difficult watch because as the best satire should it contained many truths. Brass Eye, the Day Today and Nathan Barley I considered much more watchable as they can also be categorized as completely hilarious, whilst still a great commentary on the modern media culture and those working within it.

Mar 02, 2014, 16:10


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