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Laetitia reminisces
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Re: Laetitia reminisces

I think it is a fair comment by her. There was a lot of mindless stuff going on at the time. Given that she was part of a political culture, I am sure that she despaired at the mindlessness of some music.

It reminds me of this exchange from "This must be the place":

Cheyenne: Even though we haven't seen each other for all these years, I still can't believe you consider me a friend.
David Byrne: Why is that?
Cheyenne: Because we haven't the slightest thing in common. You have such foresight thoughts, ideas that you turn into reality, and you amaze people with your ideas. And they call you the most extraordinary thing and artist and they're right. David Byrne is an artist.
David Byrne: You were too when you were performing.
Cheyenne: The fuck I was, David! The fuck I was! I was a fucking pop star! I used to write dreary songs because they were all the rage and made tones of money. Depressed songs for depressed kids.

Jan 03, 2014, 06:33


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