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Laetitia reminisces
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Re: Laetitia reminisces

Allow me to be hyperbolically negative, in order to overstate what is a more moderate but still harsh truth about Teh Shoegaze:

Those "some people" who said that, whether or not it can be directly attributed to Thatcher, were absolutely right, and you folks taken aback by it just seem to be butthurt by the fact that, with few if any exceptions, the shoegaze genre was boring and useless. Maybe it suited parts of your personality? Everyone has a mopey, withdrawn, solipsistic side. I do. But don't pretend that shoegazers were producing music with any real meaning beyond a superficial aesthetic, please. No minds were opened, no hearts were enlarged, no souls were enriched. Asses weren't even shaken. Just a bunch of motionless wallowing in futile depressiveness. Occasionally that can be helpful, sure, I guess. But bands who did nothing but? A total waste of time. Sorry.

Jan 03, 2014, 08:33


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