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Laetitia reminisces
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Re: Laetitia reminisces

I think she did / does see the world through a political paradigm. Society is built on blood, we serve the institutions, there's bigger slumps and bigger wars...I think for somebody like that, the idea of zoning out may be seen as apathetic and she may put it down to Thatcher. The validity of her thesis may not have been scientifically tested but many people of her age and older believe that Thatcher was culturally destructive. It seems odd to me that fans of Stereolab and people in their forties should suddenly hear this and think that her view is strange. So much of British culture from the 80's and 90's seemed to be Thatcher related. Her recent death reminded many of how much she was hated for trying to destroy society and culture. Disagree, sure but this is not weird.

BTW, I like some shoegazer acts and think outright condemnation is missing the point. Some posters here have done that but she did not.

Jan 03, 2014, 22:02


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