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Laetitia reminisces
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Re: Laetitia reminisces

cyberpainter wrote:
PhotoPhreak wrote:
I'm being an asshole to help you figure out how much truth there really is to it.

Oh thanks, because we can't come to our own opinions without that eh?

No, you absolutely can. Overshooting the truth in order to provide an excuse to get at the truth from a different angle by backing up into it, is just one way that sometimes improves opinions. Figured folks here would be familiar with the whole concept of a dialectic, lol. The reason I didn't just say what I meant precisely right off the bat, something I usually take great pains to do, is because I didn't quite know how to express how I precisely feel about shoegaze in measured, nuanced, maximally-accurate way. But I definitely knew how to throw some hyperbolic shade on shoegaze. At every step, I expressly noted how I was purposefully taking that approach. If it wasn't useful, then I apologize.

Jan 05, 2014, 06:34


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