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Laetitia reminisces
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Re: Laetitia reminisces

Yeah I'm inventing stuff all the time. Yeah get some of those German UV canvases, dry and disinfect infectious hotbeds. and get some antifungal power. People it is so important to be able to identify fungus colors and what to do about it. The fungus live in your nose forever and let's say like drugs, drugs is a white fungus and people are not addicted to the drugs, but the fungus causes a reaction which triggers the cycle. Got your green. Blue would be bad. Red fungus I'm very sensitive to red fungus like the moss in Florida and the south.
Infections by smell? What does the color of my shit mean?
You people are lucky to have lived this long. Experiment with your meat, buy a piece of meat, let it defrost on the counter for 2-3 days then look at the infection start developing as a an oozy color is it yellow white or neon green. Do the same with all your food let it go rotten in a bucket for a week then go check out the infections and fungus. I really meant that shit when I said if you wear cologne above the waist you're a marionette. Make your feet smell pretty. The government can manipulate you with fungus and infection. Get's in the nose. I recommend a hazmat suit or a gas mask or both. and some oxygen. We really need more oxygen.

Jan 07, 2014, 03:13


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