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Laetitia is going to start giving voice lessons
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Laetitia is going to start giving voice lessons

Per her Facebook profile. In person, in London.
But she seems to be pondering Skype-type lessons, too.

"2014 is the year where I open my school for vocal tuition, in other words when I set myself to be a singing teacher.
I will run individual and group sessions from my home in South London.
Of course face book is a good space to get in touch if you are interested, and would like to discuss your interest further.

Merci and happy end of year festivities!


Followed by...

"I will start thinking about the possibility of teaching via Skype and as to how it would work as well as in person. There are no reasons why it shouldn't.
Good speakers would be a must indeed!"

I had joked:

"To play the part of the coy consumer, I will not reveal how much I would be willing to pay for a lesson from you, lol."

But belying the joke is: I would pay double or triple the going rate for professional voice lessons (although, I do really need those) just to be able to converse a little and sing along with Laetitia, to learn from Laetitia herself how to sing one or two of my favorite Stereolab songs, one of the handful of best-sung most-vocally-interesting songs in the Stereolab catalog.

I also posted this:

"By the way, your school for vocal tuition has been open for a long time, and you've already been a singing teacher to many, many thousands. Any time someone sings along, they are learning, and you are teaching. My favorite lessons have been: Caleidoscopic Gaze as I washed dishes at the sink, One Small Step strolling through the zoo, Long Life Love on a long drive home."

I meant it more literally than figuratively. Any excellent singer is a teacher to others just by singing excellently, as long as one listens very attentively and seriously attempts to mimic the sounds with one's own voice. (In this way, I have had thousands of professional voice lessons from the very best singers in the world, e.g., hundreds alone from Stevie Wonder.) Just as an aspiring basketball player intently watching and shadowing game footage of, say, Larry Bird might as well be receiving personal basketball lessons from Larry Bird. (How much would a Stereolab fanatic pay for a direct lesson from Laetitia? The answer, more or less: How much would a Celtics diehard pay for a direct lesson from Larry? A lot.)

So, I named three songs that move me, vocally. Thinking now, about whether two of those would be the songs I'd most want to learn directly from Laetitia...hmmm. Honestly, I think I'd have to choose New Orthophony (full) if only to get the complete set of lyrics, finally, lol. But if I had to pick, say, the very best vocal performance in a Stereolab song...well, that would take me a while. And would probably be best answered via crowdsourcing. What say ye, those few of you still active on this forum? (I'd maybe split that question into a new thread, but given the sluggish activity here, one big and wide thread is better than a few barely-active thread.) What song contains the most vocal excellence to impart to a listener?

Dec 29, 2013, 20:23


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