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Laetitia is going to start giving voice lessons
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Re: Laetitia is going to start giving voice lessons

Jackson wrote:
An interesting turn for someone that is consistantley want "to make good music, and to fight off the kind of capitalism that crushes people."

I wonder if she is going to charge for her services??

You appear to be the kind of person who conflates being-critical-of-capitalism with being-against-money and feeling-everything-should-be-free. Even if you're right, what is she supposed to do, refuse to make money? How does one then afford to fight the good fight against bad capitalists, in a capitalistic world, without money?

But you're not right. One person charging another person a little sum for a singing lesson is not "the kind of capitalism that crushes people", which is a whole different kind of capitalism. There are many forms capitalism can take, big and especially small, not just the worst layers of our current setup, a setup which is ironically similar to communism's bureaucratic, centralized, undemocratic, anticompetitive downside. Capitalism isn't a monolithic entity.

Jan 09, 2014, 07:03


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