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Laetitia is going to start giving voice lessons
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Re: Laetitia is going to start giving voice lessons

matthew6 wrote:
Social critique is only part of her lyric subject matter. I say she deals more with philosophical/moral questions. Or sometimes she just likes to play with words. I think her lyrics are honest but I don't think she is preaching or anything like that.

She is definitely doing a great deal of preaching. Deep, deep preaching. And more power to her! Those of us who happen to have something to preach about, should preach. She is the *least* tiresome preacher I know of. I cannot imagine, personally, a less tiresome form of preaching than her songs. And yes, it's not all just political/social critiquing. She is clearly just trying her very best to help the rest of humanity figure out how to live better, freer, truer. How can anyone not respect that, regardless of how one's own worldview correlates or not to hers?

Jan 10, 2014, 15:39


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