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Laetitia is going to start giving voice lessons
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Re: Laetitia is going to start giving voice lessons

You know what her talking points are. She espouses them in each and every interview, with virtually no exceptions.

Here's a fun one.

Somehow, she holds off on introducing her view on the "state of the world today" until 2:50. There's a "systemic problem", she informs us.

She hates hates HATES capitalism. Always alludes to it. Here she angrily says "not every aspect of human life can be sold or bought, you know".

Her awful, ignorant views on financial markets and rating agencies come up here. "Who are these people?", like she says in the song. "Who are these people"? (I guarantee, she doesn't actually want to know the answer). She blames "mathematics" for people not being able to borrow money at the same price (I wonder, would she lend her money to someone she doesn't think will pay her back?)

She suggests she could be the next Pussy Riot.

There's lots of talk about "the elite". "Bourgeois".

13 minutes is where the real ignorance starts.

I won't try to sum it up. Listen for yourself. Schoolgirl pamphleteer stuff. She even blames capitalism for the condition of "our swimming pools"!

Jan 11, 2014, 00:55


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