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Laetitia is going to start giving voice lessons
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Re: Laetitia is going to start giving voice lessons

vivakomeda wrote:
Do you agree with Laetitia that capitalism is to blame for the shoddiness of our swimming pools?

Eh, yes and no, if "capitalism" isn't parsed, qualified, narrowed down to something more specific. Much more specific. Blaming something like the shoddy condition of swimming pools on just the basic concept of capitalism would be silly, yes. But unless you're choosing to be an acerbic snot and interpreting what she said in the least generous way possible on purpose, then you surely understand that her analysis and critique is far more nuanced and complex than that. I fundamentally part ways with her at any point in which she would ever recommend overturning capitalism altogether and going full-on commie. But I recognize a fellow deep, knowledgeable, compassionate, earnest, imaginative human being when I see one, and I give her the benefit of the doubt as such. You, not so much.

Jan 12, 2014, 02:43


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