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"Polar Vortex"
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GaryB2 wrote:
The UAE is no place for a fair-skinned Scots laddie, bi-christ! (unless you're on popstars' wages).


Hahah! I'm not really fair skinned, quite "sallow" some might say, so don't burn easy. Besides anyone is well advised to keep away from the sun during the day, especially in summer. When you step outside it can be like stepping into an oven! But as a vitamin D deprived Scot I love the heat, it's great being able to walk around in shorts and tshirt all through the year, and not have to worry about taking a big jacket everywhere :)

No pop star wages for me, although I do get paid slightly more than I was back home (that wouldn't be too difficult mind you). Rent is expensive here though! But I came to the desert a couple years ago on a mission of love, not money, to be with a girl I met through work. We got married last year :D

It is a nice and peaceful place to live, laid back and very modern / clean / crime free city. Bugger all music scene though, sadly :( I am practically overjoyed because I just purchased tickets to go see Herbie Hancock in March! First gig in a while, and really looking forward to it! :))))

Jan 14, 2014, 19:33