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Why such political uniformity here?
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Re: Why such political uniformity here?

vivakomeda wrote:

It's surprising to me to see how frequently I'm "shushed", essentially, for saying the things I am. Shouted at. Told to go away, like a kid who showed up at the wrong clubhouse.

What particularly bothers me is that the key tenets of the "fragment" I referred to above are often put forward as those virtues I listed in the OP - open-mindedness, intelligent dissent and debate, etc.

You would think an environment like that would encourage viewpoints like mine - because they stray from the norm.

I've found that not to be the case. For years, now, in fact. With some exceptions, I'll grant you.

You are making a generalization about years of being on the forum, based in the present moment of one person who got into it with you in an obnoxious way on one other thread. If you say something someone disagrees with, you will probably be called on it by someone. I don't agree with the obnoxious tactics of photophreak. But this thread sounds insulting to the group, and lumping us all in with him.

We wouldn't be here if we didn't love Stereolab, and some of us perhaps think the members of the group can do no wrong. I myself might be inclined to defend them, but I'm not saying I agree with everything. But anyway, it's a little weird to go after a member of the band's political beliefs in their own band's forum, when she's worn her beliefs (in one way or another) on her sleeve in her music the entire time she's been making music.

Jan 12, 2014, 21:23


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