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Why such political uniformity here?
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Re: Why such political uniformity here?

Your tone now is a disingenuous crock of shit. But even now, you can't help being a troll with "the political stuff is a pollutant". You expect people to be respectful to you when you're a sniveling clueless twerp who can't be bothered to try? Oh, except for when you're laying on the phony passive-aggressive charm as you are now, in your troll quest to milk as much attention as possible, playing the poor-me defensive act, which is sociopathic horseshit.

vivakomeda wrote:
This is not a generalisation CP. This has been reasonably consistent over the years.

Yes, there have been exceptions. Thomas in particular seems like a kind soul. And in your case, I know and understand you disagree with many things I type, but at least I can see sincerity and thoughtfulness in your comments.

But the fairly large majority of posters over the years have been in the PP vein. I participate in other forums, and none are so "ideologically consistent" (for want of a better term). And none even approach the level of hateful snark we see here.

And in a bloody stereolab forum !?

What "vein"? Ideologically consistent? ME? Are you fucking kidding me? I'm one of the most ideologically INCONSISTENT people alive, and you must not have understood a single word of the hundreds of sincere and thoughtful words I typed. Can you read? Can you think? Are you brain damaged? Or are you just a useless pissant who likes getting a rise out of people by writing obviously false nonsense that you don't even spend two minutes contemplating, nonsense which -- if it applies to anyone -- APPLIES TO YOU. You, are the ideologically consistent deliverer of hateful snark. You, are the ignorant one. The childish pamphleteer. YOU, ARE A TROLL.

Do the rest of you not realize that? You are being trolled by vivakomeda. You have been trolled by vivakomeda for years. You owe vivakomeda nothing but scorn or, better yet, indifference.

Jan 13, 2014, 06:17


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