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Why such political uniformity here?
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Re: Why such political uniformity here?

cyberpainter wrote:
Photophreak, you just came back here after a long hiatus yourself. Is it really appropriate that you start telling other people to stop posting here? Your language is up there with the worst I've seen on this forum, and I've read a lot of really aggressive language.

Even if I agree with some of your underlying political opinions, I think I might have to skim over your posts from now on. Not that you would care, but just saying... I feel partly responsible for all this since I asked vivokomeda to explain his view about Laetitia. Hopefully you'll settle down and enjoy the forum.

My aggressive language is solely* and directly an appropriate response to vivakomeda's antisocial and plainly-inaccurate heckling of first Laetitia, then me, then everyone here, which should be the thing upsetting you way, way more. Yes, you asked him to explain (bad move, lol) but you did not solicit the kind of thoughtless defecation he chose to post, which is exactly the kind of crap I remember him posting before in the exact same trollish way. He's a disruptive wanker, it's willful, and if he continues to be coddled while the person justly calling him out is scolded, then I might just leave again, because this is part of what got tiring before, so please wise up and direct your displeasure toward the person who belongs here the least, who's admittedly not really into the music as much anymore but who hangs out here still in order to...what, hassle the rest of the fans who, surprise, tend to be sympathetic to the politics of the band whose politically-minded lyrics are an unusually important part of their allure, which all must be an all-too-tempting situation for a troll like vivakomeda. How long I've been away or how long I've been back is irrelevant, it's a complete joke that all these years later this forum still has a problem with base anti-Laetitia trolling, and now it seems to have the bigger problem of no longer being able to recognize the trolling, and the even bigger problem of reprimanding the person who dares to call out the troll.

*Except for the aggressively-phrased shoegaze posts which were purely an exercise in hyperbole for the sake of conversation, which I repeatedly made clear as I was posting. Sorry again that those weren't useful.

Jan 13, 2014, 08:07


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