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Why such political uniformity here?
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Re: Why such political uniformity here?

vivakomeda wrote:
Man, you've got alot of hatred and rage inside you.

I hope you don't treat people like this in your daily life.

It's ugly stuff

I treat phony assholes like you like this when they are offensively unfair to other people like you were to Laetitia. But over time I've learned to stay away from people like you. Unfortunately, and this is why trolls like you love the internet, a forum like this forces me to be in your virtual company. Other people might be unwisely tolerant of you, shit, maybe by now they have a type of Stockholm Syndrome where they consider you a friend, but I'm not fooled, not in the slightest. But anyway, yeah, because I'm not like like you, I find no joy in annoying a captive audience, so I'll leave soon if my calling you out for trolling is inexplicably disturbing people more than your trolling itself. And I'll leave anyway, probably, because it eventually gets dull for me having to speak up to dispel nonsense like yours. I don't get off on this, like you do.

Jan 13, 2014, 08:37


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