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Why such political uniformity here?
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Re: Why such political uniformity here?

thomas2 wrote:
He isn't a troll at all, he's perfectly reasonable.

The hell he is. Or do you think it's perfectly reasonable to call Laetitia an ignorant schoolgirl pamphleteer? If there were some rival gang of fans who hated Stereolab and Stereolab fans, and one of them felt like launching a not-so-stealth assault on their message board in the form of empty and incessant contrarianism, it wouldn't look all that different from vivakomeda. Do you think it's perfectly reasonable to make the offensive generalizations with offensive implications that vivakomeda posted on this thread's first page, or to answer legitimate attempts to engage in the very discussion he supposedly is only interested in having in as open-minded fashion as possible...with nothing but the Pee Wee Herman retorts of a classic troll? He's not even all that clever at trolling, it's like he's borrowing maneuvers on the fly from the first Google results page for "How to Be a Troll", somewhat customized for the target of Stereolab-lovers. You cannot possibly believe that he isn't a troll after what he's posted in these two threads, not to mention the very act of creating this thread, a laughingstock of unearned and dishonest self-pity as a cheap gambit to aggravate and insult us, not even remotely a genuine search for answers to genuine questions he had. How can you not see that? Have you people never had to deal with a troll before? Is this why you've allowed vivakomeda turn your crank for years? Because you don't know what a troll looks like? Hint: Not like me, I'm an anti-troll, there's a huge difference. Hint: A troll looks just like vivakomeda.

Jan 13, 2014, 20:52


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