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Why such political uniformity here?
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Harold Bissonette
Harold Bissonette
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Re: Why such political uniformity here?

PhotoPhreak wrote:
Well, one last thing: This person with 68 or whatever posts was once one of the most hardcore, prolific members of this forum, with a post count in the thousands before everything was reset, if post counts even mean anything. As I said, one of the reasons for my disconnecting years ago was the presence of trolls like vivakomeda. Ultimately, it doesn't even matter whether vivakomeda is an intentional or an unintentional troll, the effect is the same. Were it not for the apparent support for vivakomeda from multiple non-trolls, I wouldn't be leaving, I would tenaciously hound the troll with solid reasoning until he either shut up, left, transformed into a genuine participant, or got expelled. But I'm the opposite of a troll, so I won't disturb whatever diseased symbiotic relationship seems to exist between the troll and the trolled, I'll just go. But let it be noted that no one has disputed the substance of any of my points with any substance of their own, only a bunch of mere distaste for my style, a style which has been wholly deserved by vivakomeda. Perhaps one or more of you could do me that favor, as a parting gift. For example, this:

"Would you have said all that trash about Laetitia to Laetitia, to her face, in person, hanging out in the lobby, chilling at a party? Would you have even dared to Skype it? Doubtful. So, again: What in the fuck is your deal? What kind of person are you, who would be that way here?"

Let me be clear: If I were in the same physical room as vivakomeda, I'd be saying the exact same things I've said, to him, to his face, in the exact same way. But then, he wouldn't have said what he said to Laetitia's face, portrayed her as an ignorant schoolgirl pamphleteer. So, I wouldn't have had any reason to call him out in person, because he would've been too cowardly to say anything so nasty and baseless to her in person, in front of other people in person, let alone a roomful of Stereolab fans. Or maybe it's not cowardice, but simply that being in person would trigger in him a modicum of basic human decency and maybe even a small measure of fairness, thoughtfulness. The fact that he feels free here to be so corrosive, flippant, rude is a testament to his trollness. The fact that it's me being taken to task for bluntly confronting him about all that, is an unfunny joke. You all are siding with the opposite dude you should be. So be it. Viva Stereolab!

Don't go PhotoPhreak. This is all a bit Drama Queeny. I think vivakomeda is an odious creep, espousing a political philosophy that I have seen - and am still seeing every day - destroying many lives, creating wealth for a privilged few while the rest are left to rot (etc.).

Jan 14, 2014, 11:52


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