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What's your band of the moment?
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Re: What's your band of the moment?

GaryB2 wrote:
hito wrote:
Hobobachang wrote:
GaryB2 wrote:
The Classical really did grab me too. Such a thrill!

Stephen Malkmus thought so too! ;)

Hearing that was so disappointing. There are some things people just shouldn't cover. To produce anything other than a mind blowing cover was a recipe for disaster.

I wish he'd sang the right words!

I wasn't even aware he'd made a cover. Guess that's one way to tackle the allegations of plagiarism! I think the Classical in particular sounds so much like the blueprint for the early Pavement sound....the riffs, the rhythms, the vocal delivery. I wouldn't say there's any one track of theres that is like a direct quote as such, just the overall vibe. When you listen to the Classical, it could easily be something off Slanted...". Likewise, a track like "Forklift" for example sounds so much like the Fall :)

Jan 23, 2014, 16:25


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