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Re: *****THIS WEEK'S TOP 10 ALBUMS*****

Thanks, that was a nice MBV track, I don't know Wire's original yet as I only have 'Pink Flag' at the mo, I'm getting 'Chairs Missing' and '154' this week as it happens, I feel like I'm catching up with a band who are far more influential and important than I realised, 'Pink Flag' sounds miles ahead of other Post Punk New Wave bands from 1977.
I'm glad you've heard of Ivor Cutler, a lot of folk haven't a clue who he is or was, I've been listening to 'Velvet Donkey' and 'Dandruff' too, the guy was brilliant, my 2 favourite poets of the 20th century are Mr Cutler and Ian Dury.
I'm on a big Fall trip at the moment too, I've liked them since I saw them live in Southampton back in 1986 and managed to get back stage after the gig to have a beer with them (Newcastle Brown Ale) great memories…..

Jan 19, 2014, 21:12