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youtube annoyances
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youtube annoyances

After so many nags I made a mistake and created a channel on youtube linking to google+. So now I have two channels, one with my real name, which is apparently the default.

I never use google+. It seems to use this channel with my real name whenever I want to view a video, or add one to a playlist. Very very annoying. Yet the process to remove that channel is fraught danger, my fear that I'm going to inadvertently delete my good channel with years of playlist collecting.

So time consuming to try to deal with this I just don't. No email help available, only their forum, which probably has a zillion threads to read through with some variations of my issue.

Feel free to vent here. I figure we use youtube all the time on here, so others may have issues as well. Not looking for solutions necessarily, eventually I will find the time to fix my issue...

Mar 24, 2014, 18:37


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