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Your top 10 concerts of all time
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Re: Your top 10 concerts of all time

Not in order:

1. Jesus Lizard - Big Day Out in Melbourne in 1996

2. Faith No More - Festival Hall, Melbourne 1995

3. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - everywhere I ever saw them from 1994 at the Prince of Wales to the BDO in 1997. Boss Hog were amazing too.

4. Butthole Surfers at the Hifi bar in 2001

5. Tenniscoats - Northcote Social Club in 2005

6. Prefuse 73 - Corner Hotel in Richmond in 2003

7. Midlake at Meredith Music Festival 2006

8. Primus at the Big Day Out 1994 and in many subsequent shows.

9. The Fauves in Melbourne around 1993-1997

10. Broadcast in Melbourne 2010 at the Hifi

I don't know, I realise that I have no hope here. So many great shows to choose from, some where I was so off my face I probably can't recall them right now. Some local bands that blew me away and I probably haven't thought of them for ages. Some big acts that I forget. I went to:

The Big Day out from 1993-1997 then 2001 and 2003. Check it out and tell me you could get a top ten even from that:

I went to a heap of Merediths in the 2000s

I don't know what is best. I have seen too much.

Mar 31, 2014, 14:58


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