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Your top 10 concerts of all time
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Re: Your top 10 concerts of all time

Kraftwerk, Tribal Gathering 1997: One of the most exciting shows I've ever been to, Kraftwerk's first live performance in years at a crazy all night event with many different arenas, my favourite of which was the Detroit tent (Jeff Mills, Carl Craig, Aux 88 etc) plus other highlights Dave Clarke, Orbital, Dave Angel, etc. If there was one gig I could time travel back to re~experience I think this might be this. Simply great vibes in those days, never to be repeated! Music scenes change with the times, those were surely amongst the greatest ones I experienced.

Magma: Alhambra theatre Paris, 2009: Saw Magma 4 times in a short period that year in Paris, Lille and London. This show was the most intense, simply incredible.

Stereolab, East Kilbride Arts Centre, 1999: Saw the groop I think 6 times, first on the day Dots & Loops came out but my favourite was when they visited this small council run facility in my hometown, in a tiny venue more used to unknown local bands and amateur dramatics productions, etc. I was amazed to see them there and they played a great set!

Broadcast, King Tut's Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow, ?: I saw Broadcast quite a few times, this was the most intense performance for me. I think somewhere between Noise Made by People and Haha Sound. The drummer and the whole band were incredible.

The Magic Band, Autechre curated ATP festival, 2003: The lineup for this was ace and right up my street at the time ( But the thing that swung it for a bunch of us to go down was the reformation of the Magic Band. A legendary weekend and performance!

Any gig I every saw at the Barras. One of the best venues and atmospheres you could find anywhere in the world, IMHO. Highlights included (kind of, as best memory allows) chronologically Sepultura, Slayer, The Orb, Orbital, Hawkwind, Mudhoney, Dinosaur Jr, Fugazi, Sonic Youth, PWEI, Beastie Boys, Bjork, Pavement, Ministry, Motorhead, Hawkwind, Aphex Twin, MBV, Morrisey, and many many more!

Gong, Renfrew Ferry, Glasgow, 2000: First time time I saw the Gong live. Great show, fun times!

Love performs "Forever Changes", ABC, Glasgow ?: This show was awesome, Arthur Lee leading a young "Love" (Baby Lemonade?) through Forever Changes in entirety, plus a few extra classic songs. There was a full horn / string section and the performance was electric. Poigant too as he passed just a year or two later....

I've gone well past ten I guess and barely scratched the surface, but those were the ones that sprang immediately to mind. My first ever gig was the highly embarrassing Brit~rock bores "Thunder" supported by the equally tragic "No Sweat", but it was at the Barras so great atmosphere and one of my first "carry~outs" :D I only went because some guys from my school were going, was a fun adventure! I feel I redeemed myself somewhat a week later when I saw "Dread Zeppelin" in the college of building and printing. That was something else!

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