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Your top 10 concerts of all time
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Re: Your top 10 concerts of all time

Hobobachang wrote:

Angel Dust is a superb album. The Real Thing I can't really listen to any more, too dated / cheesy somehow (was a huge fan as a teen though).

I was just listening to it again lately. It is probably one of my all time favourites but I haven't listened to it in years. For me, I think King for a day almost equals it. King for a day is superb. The only thing missing is Jim Martin's guitar sound. Of course, the weird thing is that Martin hated a lot of Angel Dust.
I saw Mr Bungle around the time of Disco Volante. I don't think they were nearly as good as FNM - both on record and in the studio. Too obtuse. I think Mike Patton really lost me when he released too many records in the early 2000s.
Back to FNM, it amazes me that they are back together. I saw them play at Alternative Nation and they seemed pretty acrimonious. I did meet a member (who will remain nameless) once and talked to him for ages. He was such a regular guy. He gave me to tickets to their show because I wasn't sure if I wanted to see them. He said it was no skin off his nose to give away tickets. One for Gary, he said that they didn't get along with Sonic Youth they were excluded from so many festivals. He listed a series of events that they were excluded from because they weren't friends with these kings of alt music.

Apr 03, 2014, 14:32


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