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New Music - your recommendations here.
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Re: New Music - your recommendations here.

DevastatorJr. wrote:
The new Doom: Born Like This is definitely a grower. I like it much more now than originally. There are a couple misfires on there, but the winners more than make up for it. I love 'Still Dope.'

Yeah, it's really good! I was a bit worried it might be a kind of cobbled together thing after some stuff I read online about the delays and all that "doomposter" malarky, and I wasn't exactly blown away on the first couple listens. But it definitely improved after a few plays, now I like it a lot! I hope he tours the UK at some point.....the real one that is :P

Now we need a new Quasimoto album : )

And does anybody here know what has become of Edan? Haven't heard anything about him in ages.....

8 )

Apr 17, 2009, 20:28


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