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Is Obama the Antichrist?
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Re: Is Obama the Antichrist?

killashandra wrote:
In theoretical socialism everybody including the leaders are all of the same working class level. I do not know of any pure socialist countries in the world. Each country has it own style of socialism with its own special hierarchy. Chicago, where you need a moon buggy or maybe a tank is appropriate, is just like so many other areas of the country (and apparently worse from your description) where the government has not properly established infrastructures to take care of the needs of the governed. I love Obama because his goal is to invigorate these infrastructures with building projects. Remember the bridge collapse in Minneapolis? Peoples lives are depending on the old bridges all over the country being rebuilt. Socialism is about saving people! way Hozay!

I heard (about 17 years ago) that after the fall of Russia, Denmark is now the most socialist country. I spent 6 months there in high school, and it was bliss!

Even though government can be bad in a few ways, it's a necessary evil that needs serious fixing. Everything that humans create will be flawed, it's our nature.

Mar 11, 2009, 19:28


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