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Is Obama the Antichrist?
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Re: Is Obama the Antichrist?

Whoa, where do I start... I'll have to skim subjects here. First of all the Papacy gained absolute power over the dying Empire (which before that time was given to the Emperor which declared them as divine) by forging a lie.

The Pope calls himself the Holy Father & has complete power, without question, to act as he sees fit. Jesus Christ's teaching is clearly & vehemently opposed to this kind of behaviour & he states to his disciples to call nobody on earth 'father', but your father in heaven. Practices are not Biblical - Christening? Confirmation? Worship of Mary? Materialistic obsession? Acts during sacramental practice? confession to a priest? Celebacy? Idolatry of 'saints'? etc... etc... etc... Nowhere in scripture. In fact many Roman Catholic acts of 'worship' can be traced back to the Pagan Religions of Ancient Canaan & Babylon. There are many proven similarities or downright duplications of practices by Pagan Religions before them - which were of course condemned by the god of the Jewish Tanakh - Yahweh. This is interesting as it exposes Biblical prophecy, in some respects as being timeless... but that's another story.

The above is simply put, I understand that, but these subjects have been studied & if one looks at scripture & understands the spiritual aspect of it, then observes Roman Catholic practice, it becomes very quickly apparent that they do not follow, nor do they understand the meaning of scripture. They are interested in maintaining power over men. It is notable that in times past the 'Church' would rely on the science of the day & popular philosophical beliefs to explain the nature of physics, chemistry & biology. These sources would include Greek philosophers such as Aristotle etc. They were not inclined to search the Bible for answers, nor would they understand Biblical teaching. But, being as they claimed to represent god, the majority of people had no choice to believe that if that's what the Catholic Church thought, then that's what god thought.

I think a lot of Protestants probably do think how you explain, those that do not study the roots of thier 'religion'. I would say however that the whole point of the Protestant Reformation was to break from the Roman Catholic Church & follow 'Sola Scriptura' (scripture alone). This would allow ordinary man (eventually) to see the errors of RC when held up to the scrutiny of scripture. So, I agree, many Protestant Churches do maintain many RC practices, but I have interviewd many CofE members who have absolutely no idea what the Bible says, & lack any form of Biblical teaching. These people, well, they are following religion, not god.

In word, maybe RC claims to follow Biblical Principles. But in deed the reality is very different. The New Testament constantly warns of false teaching & the perversion of god's word.

Mar 24, 2009, 10:51


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