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Is Obama the Antichrist?
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Re: Is Obama the Antichrist?

1. Yes, Christianity took on a structure assimilated from the Roman Empire, but it is not an extension of that empire in the sense that the empire came before it. Early Christianity was coexistent with Rome but did not originate from it. In many respects, the Romanization of Christianity led to corruption.

2. I am certainly with you on denouncing materialism. However, as you yourself point out, basing one's religion on "scripture alone" was a later reformation of Protestantism, so I don't think we can denounce the Romans for not doing that since they came first and invented the wheel--especially since scripture contradicts itself, and, while divinely inspired, was written by fallible men who sometimes were flat out wrong on certain things.

3. As far as pagan practices, the Bible says Melchizedek (a pagan) and Abraham worshipped the same "most high God." There are also other notable holy pagans, such as Noah, Daniel (who was an astrologer) and Job. The New Testament as well shows how Christians reached out to the Gentiles (pagans) and adapted their preaching styles in order to convert them (St. Paul wanted to become "all things to all men" so that he could convert "some.") Also, if not for Greek philosophy, the New Testament would not even exist. We would not have ideas such as the Logos.

4. The deeds of Protestants are not any more good than those of Rome. In fact, Jesus himself said that no one is good but the Father in heaven. He included himself in that. Protestants such as George W. Bush are responsible for war and negligent environmental policy.

5. It's interesting how many Protestants claim to be "literalists," yet they view Communion as symbolic when Christ states plainly "This is my blood" and "This is my body." You can't get more literal than that.

6. I'm not Roman Catholic (just wanted to say it again).

Mar 24, 2009, 13:13


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