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Is Obama the Antichrist?
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Re: Is Obama the Antichrist?

1. I would say it is dogmatism that corrupts, not religion. One can be involved in a non-dogmatic church, although they are rare. And yes, I'm no fan of Irenaeus or Athanasius. The formation of the canon was arbitrary and did away with valid Gnostic systems such as the Valentinians, whose theory of divine emanations stemmed from the teachings of Philo and the Jewish Kabbalah.

2. Controlling the freedom of scripture is wrong. I think the translation into English was necessary. However, while I prefer the KJV for its poetry, in some places the translation is misleading or incorrect. And yes, for example, get a Gospel parallels book and view the text side by side, and you'll see how they don't line up and each tell a different story. As for scripture being "flat out wrong," take for instance the commandment that we take our children outside city limits and stone them to death if they disobey.

3. Pagans referred to the Jewish God as the "most high god," which reflected their understanding that the Jews just had "one god" that was above all other gods. When Melchizedek raised his hands to the "most high god," he was recognizing Abraham's god. Since Christ is a priest in the order of Melchizedek, this means his sacrifice was offered for all mankind, not only the Jews. Job was not an Israelite. He was from the land of Hus, a pagan land. Daniel is debatable. He was proficient in pagan practices. And, St. Paul borrows from Greek philosophy frequently in his letters and theology. And as I pointed out, the Logos (Word of God) is a Greek idea.

4. I also believe Communion is a physical act that takes one to a spiritual place...but I believe that while the bread (which is called the accident) doesn't change, the substance (what is "behind" it) does change.

Footnotes, etc. I disagree, and have statuettes in my home. I feel they help to orient me and send positive suggestions to the mind...but I don't bow down and worship them or any such nonsense.

Mar 24, 2009, 16:25


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