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Is Obama the Antichrist?
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Re: Is Obama the Antichrist?

Yeah, & thank you. I try & remain open minded about these things, though I cannot pretend that they don't fascinate me which drives my study.

I wouldn't affiliate myself with any particularly established belief system to be honest. The complexities of the universe, & the human heart & mind alone, & all that is contained therein are far too astounding & open ended for me to feel that I can commit at present. I must admit that I've found Biblical Scripture to hold extremely profound truths that seem to transcend physical realities, & therein lies my intrigue. It requires contextual study though, in terms of history, culture, etc...

One of the things I found very interesting from an early age was the hostility between Jesus & the established religious institution of his day. He exposed them & opened them right up for what they were, & they hated him for it. That kind of thing is timeless & ongoing in my humble opinion.

There is definitely something that transcends our mainstream understanding. Something of a spiritual nature, which although we are very much a part of, we cannot seem to fully grasp in our present state.

The Universe is pretty mental, I agree ;) I've flirted with that philosphy, but I get stuck on the physical reality, & our senses. For example - if we had no ears, would sound exist? If I gash my arm, why does it hurt, & why can't I 'think' or 'imagine' it to heal?

Anyway - thanks again

Mar 25, 2009, 17:23


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